FRE$H THA BE$T, TrainWRECK Symphony


I’m FRE$H THA BE$T from Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been writing rhymes since I was 9 yrs old. I’ve won several poetry contests during my junior high schools and high school days. I started free styling to instrumentals as a teen when I realized I was really good at spitting bars. Through out JHS and HS, I was always in music classes which trained my ear for good music and the ability to write my own music with my then best friend, and now business partner, NathanielRnB. As I got older it was a natural transition to take my rhyming skills more seriously. I’m currently working on my first solo mix tape called “TrainWRECK Symphony” featured on several mix tapes and producing a video to single “Fine Women.”

Follow FRE$H THA BE$T on his Twitter @Freshthebest101.

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