Fresch, An Uncompromising Sound

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Emerging from the dirty South, Jordan “Fresch” Frescher brings a much-needed breath of “Fresch” air to the rap and hip-hop scene and a belief in delivering a southern feel with a message. It all stems from his childhood upbringing in Texas where his ears were first banned from experiencing the beats and lyrics of the rap and hip-hop world. All that changed in Fresch’s early teenage years when a cousin introduced the once deprived-young ears to the influence of rap and hip-hop legends such as Biggie and Tupac. Jordan continued to pop cassette tape after cassette tape in his boom box eventually converting his mother to a hip-hop fan too.

Embracing the words and energy of rap and hip-hop artists like Ice-Cube, Digable Planets, Timberland, Snoop, and Jay-Z, the developing artist became passionate about music all the while keeping his spirituality the core of his beliefs. That same passion for music married with his spirituality led to the birth of Fresch, a Texas rapper with all the right ingredients to enhance the world of music as we know it. Fresch has been compared to The Game and Young Jeezy for having a similar pain in his voice delivered in an incredible way forcing fans to crank up the volume. Listeners have compared the newcomer to artists such as Lupe Fiasco and Common for his unique lyrical style.

Although the young artist is not a minister, as he will quickly tell you, he is making it his duty to use his raw-emotional power to attack stigmas associated with rap and hip-hop. Fresch raps in greater depth and brings a new dimension to the fusion of rap and hip-hop music by tying in spirituality, community, culture, and instilling black leadership. With a different kind of swagger, Fresch continues to develop his talent collaborating with local artists at many local clubs and performing at various DFW venues.

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