Frequently Faded, Above Rags


Frequently Faded has had a long and prolific career as an underground hip hop artist and has finally decided to take the main stage. Co-founding Above Rags with his producer Eddie Ethics, they have adapted a philosophy of using street music to say we can do better. Traveling and touring has predominated the last few years of his career after the release of their launching album “Eddie Ethics presents Two Steps Above Rags The Family.” He has finally gotten back into the studio to work on his upcoming release.

Currently performing as a solo artist he features artists from a variety of styles both in performance and on non-album releases promoting a network of cross marketing for better show turnouts. Now a predominantly hip hop/pop singer songwriter he has been a part of numerous groups over the years and performed in genres from blues rock to reggae and even spent a portion of his career performing D&B and break beats in the early Seattle rave scene.

Thanks to the increased ability of artists to promote, market, build networks, and find sponsors provided by the internet his career interests have expanded to various areas of the industry and many of his recent activities have been in the area of booking, promoting and researching for other artists.

With a lot to look forward to, the one thing you can count on is for him to exceed expectation by constantly evolving both as an artist and as a businessman.

Learn more about Frequently Fade and Above Rags on the Official Artist Website.

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