FnF’s Music Has A Universal Meaning

With a trailblazing style and epic stage presence, FnF’s music is standing out amongst others. The quality of the music and dedication put forth by these industrious artists is making a mark and impact on music culture. Soon enough, FnF’s music will be heard nationwide and internationally. Major moves are being made by this amazing duo.

The Orange, NJ artists point out, “We’re artists Juice and Tiy. FnF is more than just 3 letters, it is a brand in the making and mostly a way of life. FnF stands for Family no Friends/Fear no Foes. FnF is so important because in certain areas of life friends are just too much of a liability. As far as the music goes, we really have our own unique sound. We write our own music, we actually rap, and we do some harmonizing and our music is universal meaning everyone can relate.”

FnF has performed through the New York metro and as far south as Miami. They also had their songs put in rotation at a few clubs in NY and Miami. Currently they’re working on shooting their first video and dropping their first official mixtape as a duo. Furthermore, they’re dropping a few singles this summer and this winter they’re expected to wrap up the mixtape to hit 2018 string with new content.

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