Fly, Can’t Be Bribed


Fly is much more than your average, urban, suburb-dwelling white boy. He’s also one of the best lyricists you will ever encounter. Growing up, he wasn’t fly for a white guy. Chicks wouldn’t bang, dope didn’t slang, and from 1994-2011 Fly was another wannabe. After catching his first fade while the subs roared in the back of his homie’s 1987 Honda Prelude, he realized his true potential. Rapping became his instant passion.

Today, Fly does his thing in the studio impressing everyone with his skill. He performs variously when opportunity is present. After releasing his second mixtape, “After Party,” Fly decided to change his direction. Although he was offered over $50k for a record deal, he still rolls as an independent artist. “Money is nice an all,” Fly says, “but I’m in in it for the fans and for the love of the game. I can’t be bribed by cash and clothes; they already exist.”

Fly dreams of becoming more than just a local rapper with minor ambitions. He wants to rise to the top and share his music with everyone. If he inspires anyone to get up and do something with their life, he is satisfied. Whether he makes it big or not, he’s going to release music until he takes his last breath.

Learn more about Fly on his Facebook Band Page.

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