Flaco Escobar, Canadian Cowboys Life$tyle


From poverty to poetry, from street corners to Sierra Leone, bred in the jungle of Apelife, USA, Flaco Escobar is proof that Hip-Hop is alive and well. Crash landing in Baltimore at the age of 4, he was quickly exposed to the raw and realness of the inner city and why this side of the world is known as the Beastcoast. From poverty, vacant houses, the drug game of the 90s, and witnessing death at the age of 7 it those experiences that he honed his skills.

At the age of 20, he was posed a question that launched him on an unrelenting quest to unearthing his passion. Unknown to Flaco, he would elevate and mature within the world of Hip-Hop and discover humility thanks to his teachings, curiosity, and thirst for knowledge that Hip-Hop and black music as a culture provided. Years later, Flaco has now graced countless blogs, magazines (digital & print), is known in multiple continents, released countless projects (official and unofficial), and is known as one of the starting 5 in his clan, C.C.L.$ (Canadian Cowboys Life$tyle); front lined and founded by his brother Soduh.

Official website: http://www.youtube.com/CanadianCowboysLS
Soundcloud: http://www.souncloud.com/flaco_cc

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