Fiyon Da Icon, Increased Hunger


New Jersey has birthed another creative artist since the like of Frank Sinatra. He may not be blue eyed, but he still is creating a buzz with the ladies. Fiyon Da Icon was born in Teaneck, NJ and raised in Englewood. Englewood is already notorious for the birth of Rap pioneering group the Sugar Hill Gang. Starting out as a poet and earning the nickname “Cowitz the Poet,” he enjoyed expressing his feelings and life experiences on paper. At the age of 17 he wrote his first rhyme to Jay Z’s “Can’t Be Life.” He received positive feedback from friends and decided to really do something about it. He made his first demo titled “Ode to Kwest” with verses inspired by Kanye West beats.

Besides being an emcee, Fiyon has done acting as well. He has appeared on the TV Shows “Sex and the City,” “Dave Chappelle Show,” as well as Spike Lee’s movie “She Hate Me” as an extra. In addition, he performed his music in the upcoming film “Think Twice Little Gangsta.” He took several years away from the entertainment scene to finish his Bachelor of Arts in Communications at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ. After a few unsuccessful attempts working with local Rap groups, Fiyon is now focusing on his solo career.

Now with a college degree under his belt and an increased hunger to make it in music, he has been networking with everyone from producers to other artists to the owners of Ruff Ryders in NYC and connects from Grand Hustle out in Atlanta. His influences range from ABBA to B.I.G. to Michael Jackson to Stevie Wonder.

Official website:
Instagram: @TruLyricalLibra
Twitter: @FiyonDaIcon


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