Finest, The Breakthrough


Artist Name: Finest
Genre: Rap & Hip-hop
Active: 2011
Mixtapes: Success Is My Revenge (2013), Nightmare on Elm Street (2014), The Breakthrough: Part I (TBA)
Birth Date: April 30, 1992
Birth Place: Valparaiso, Indiana

Finest is an up and coming rap artist from NW Indiana, Indiana. He has been influenced by many greats such as Dr. Dre, Eazy E, Snoop Dogg, Notorious BIG, T.I., Lil Wayne, Eminem, etc. He was raised in Northwest Indiana. He quickly picked up on rapping knowing that he wanted to rap as a career. Finest was kicked out of high school and was sent to an adult education high school. There he learned the way of the streets. He sold drugs, rapped, and wrote often.

In March of 2011, his friend, Julian “JuJu” Nava, was killed in Gary, Indiana. After that incident, he knew that he had to start taking this career seriously. He quickly starting writing about more serious events and even hooked up with a producer/engineer named Demetrius “Frank Lee” Wilson in 2013. The two of them have been raising hell in the rap game in Valparaiso.

Finest currently has one mixtape out called “Success is my Revenge”. The biggest songs off of the mixtape are “Feelin Free,” “Old Habits,” and “Real Her” remix (Domo Feat. Finest). Him and Frank Lee dropped the 2nd mixtape entitled “Nightmare on Elm Street” in September of 2014. Nightmare on Elm Street had hit singles such as “Wussup,” “Pay Me,” “Drillin,” and “Choppaz Choppin.”

Finest performed his first show at Another Hole in the Wall in Steger, Illinois. Finest currently is looking for more shows and a record label to link up with. Together, Finest and Frank Lee, are currently working on the third mixtape, “The Breakthrough: Part I” Great things are coming from these guys.

Follow Finest on Twitter @thefinest219.

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