Fina, No Such Thing


Mesmerized by her Spanish-singing idols Selena and La-India growing up, Fina, born Josefina Sola, decided she wanted to become a professional singer at the age of 4. Often caught imitating Mariah Carey, Beyonce, or Celine Dion in the bathroom mirror with her hairbrush doubling as a microphone, the bilingual beauty — who would watch the Grammys to memorize the dance moves – found a major supporter in her mother. Although her mom was raising Fina and her two sisters by herself, she took on two jobs so that her daughter could model, take piano/guitar/dance/singing lessons, and book time in the studio; anything to help her talented starry-eyed daughter succeed.

In fact, everyone knew the outgoing alto-soprano meant business. As a teen Fina took home stacks of awards for her spine-tingling performances at talent shows throughout the metropolitan area. Serious about studying her craft she enrolled in the prestigious Frank Sinatra High School of the Performing Arts, a Queens high school founded by legendary singer Tony Bennett, where she was exposed to classical music. Following graduation the raspy-voiced prodigy continued her tutelage under vocal coaches to the stars Craig Derry (Alicia Keys, Maxwell, Katy Perry) and William Riley (Whitney Houston, Celine Dion) developing her chops as a songwriter. At 18 she registered as a BMI artist.

Remaining 100 percent focused throughout her life to blazing her own trail as a solo artist, Fina’s luck changed this year when she booked studio time with Sharifa “Reefa” Slater, co-founder of ATM Productions (Rick Ross, Lil Wayne), to record a demo. Not only did the 25-year-old walk away with four incredibly mastered tracks, she walked away with a mentor. Chris Gotti, co-founder of the hit-making machine and record label formerly known as Murder Inc. (Ashanti, Ja Rule) offered her a distribution deal. With Gotti’s help she recently cut a video for her first single “No Such Thing” about a girl whose fed up with her boyfriend cheating featuring rapper Chinx, a member of French Montana’s group Coke Boyz.

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