Fene Da Mayor, Dripping Sauce


“I am out to make the stand for female artists stronger and to exhibit originality at its full potential.”

Determined to prove to the world that talented female emcees still exist in the Hip Hop/Rap genre of music, Fene Da Mayor is an artist that has grown over the years and is based out of Orlando, Florida. She will not fall into the stereotypes of how to look or what she should be rapping about.

Fene is currently pushing her single “Dripping Sauce” off her upcoming EP “No L’s” that is set to be released this winter. When she’s not behind the mic or killing the stage, she is using her other talents in graphics and photography to further her grind and further promote her brand with her company Underconstruction Entertainment.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/fene23
Instagram: @fdm_yahdoe
Facebook: @The Original Fene Da Mayor
Twitter: @fene23


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