Born in Washington D.C., Face (Matty Luke), is an artist who grew up in the Southeast area of the city. Face began writing music in 2002 with the family he still writes and records with today, TIFEL. TIFEL began recording over cassette tapes with karaoke machines. If they weren’t in somebody’s house, they were in the backyard if the weather was nice. Within the next few years, they found themselves recording as a group and solo artists at Listen Vision Studio. The upgrade from the karaoke machines to a professional studio put them in an environment that taught them more about the music industry.

Throughout the following years, TIFEL traveled around the Metropolitan area recording in different studios, performing, releasing music, and making the right connections. They all have had their fair share of low points, but they wouldn’t be here if they let those times bring them down. Everything TIFEL experienced from the start to now has prepared them for all of the great things to come in their music careers. Face speaks for himself and for the collective because they all started together; the vision TIFEL has is bigger than Face.

Face wouldn’t be the artist he is today without his brothers. he have released three mixtapes to date. The first mixtape titled “Reconsideration” is a classic Hip-Hop, beat-jacking, compilation with some acappella verses. The second release is the follow up to “Reconsideration.” This mixtape has beat-jacking along with original songs and snippets of future tracks. The latest release is the project titled “One Flight Away.” It is produced by Baze and features TIFEL. These projects can be found on DatPiff and Soundcloud. Soundcloud also contains music that is released in between projects and sounds from the collective TIFEL.

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