Ezra Millz, Art of A Dream


Ezra Millz, born and raised in Austin, Texas, is a hip hop artist with a style touched by a bit of southern grace. His music is influenced by multiple genres of music. The Art of A Dream album is the latest project from Ezra and is sure to capture the minds and hearts of the listeners.

Moving back and forward between Austin and Lubbock, Texas, Ezra found a passion for writing songs and creating catchy melodies. At a young age he always knew music was his gift. He started to record in home studios as well as professional studios at the age of 14. Now, at 26 years old, he has over 10 years of experience writing, creating, and recording music.

Art of A Dream was created by the hearts and minds of a few hard working, passionate, and creative artists from different musical backgrounds. Join the journey to see how this album unfolds and what that means for Ezra Millz.

Official website: www.ezramillz.com
Soundcloud: @ezramillz


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