EverythingOShauN, GSX Movement

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OShauN, Everything O, EverythingOShauN, embodies the perfect balance between smooth yet rough around the edges. With melodic and lyrical deliveries combined with passion driven into his records, OShauN has been crafting sounds with his brother and fellow GSX member Xpress (DJXP). They aim to give a different perspective of a familiar feeling of the music coming from Toronto and what that embodies. With his project “Until Then…Everything O…Can’t be for Nothing” set to release soon, OShauN hopes to win fans and critics over and turn them into believers of Everything OShauN and his movement GSX.

Official website: www.gsxmusic.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/oshaun/you-shouldnt-produced-by-xpress-aka-djxp

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