Ether Pit Is An Artistic Rebel

From leading-edge styles and stunning stage presence, Ether Pit’s music is standing out as an entity all its own. The quality of art, music, and dedication put forth by the industrious artist is definitely making a mark and impact on the music community. It won’t be long before you hear Ether Pit’s music nationwide and internationally. Major moves are being made by this amazing talent.

The Brooklyn based emcee is an artistic rebel with a unique vision that will intoxicate you. His love and appreciation of hip hop and music as a whole began at the early age of 7 with the purchase of a Wu-Tang cassette. Ever since then the art form stuck to Ether Pit’s soul and has been a part of his growth as a man. He gravitated towards the Rastafarian belief and culture, but still appreciates the struggles and aggressive environment that he grew up in and is surround by on a day to day basis which reflects on his story and delivery.

“I’m dropping my first project entitled 16zips. I’m also planning my first tour to be held at a later date. Also dropping my second project with anticipation to be released by the end of the year. One of my major goals is becoming one of the most influential hip hop pillars in New York,” Ether Pit points out.

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