Eternal Swyft, West Coast Artist Of The Year


Eternal Swyft combines lyrical depth with raucous beats delivering equal parts professor and Hip Hop hits. Publications like XXL Magazine and Hip Hop Weekly, as well as the self proclaimed “World’s Most Dangerous Site,”, via their “Breeding Ground” section, have featured Swyft and provided a forum for his sonic wordplay. The UMA’s nominated the MC for “West Coast Artist of the Year” in early 2014 for its award show.

National college and commercial radio have also aligned to support the first single “The American Dream”. The video has caught on internationally and has garnered attention from Germany and Turkey, as well as state-side. His debut project “Plan B,” was a sensational success that resonated with truth seekers and now the message is taking on a life of its own.

“Listeners,” as his fans and supporters are commonly called, are buzzing about the coming rise of Eternal Swyft. Eternal Swyft has set his sights higher for 2015, attempting to accomplish a wealth of collaborations in tandem with releasing his follow up project titled “The Calling” to increase awareness of his movement.

Learn more about Eternal Swyft on his Official Facebook Page.

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