EpiQ Isn’t Letting His Talent Go Stale

With a knack for music, EpiQ’s building a repertoire for himself in the industry. Boasting a pioneering sound along with a dynamic stage presence, this artist’s music is turning eyes and ears. This is one artist that you’ll want to keep up with and follow his career. High impact moves are being made by EpiQ, and it won’t be long before he’s a household name.

This California based artist has been doing music since he was in elementary when he and a couple of his peeps started recording on a JVC boombox. “As the years went on I started to question if this was even for me. I stopped music for almost 2 years until my boy, Ray Yung, another up and coming artist, called me out one day and asked me what I am doing with my life and that I’m wasting my talent,” EpiQ reveals.

As he’s developed his career he’s opened up for Brotha Lynch and Philthy Rich. EpiQ upcoming album titled A Better Me will be dropping at the end of April. To follow up he plans on dropping another by year’s end.

Official website: www.facebook.com/RealEpiQ559

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