Empire X, A Quintet Of Awesome


American Hip Hop group Empire X is comprised of 5 talented “brothas” who have all combined their skills in lyrics, music production, and visual creativity into a quintet of awesome. Rounding out the group are members Koo Keem, Shaq Daddy, L.A., Macky Dave, and Broderick Williams. Formed in the summer of 2013 with debut single Secret, each member’s strengths are respectively meshed together for each project. Koo Keem’s laid back demeanor and wordplay works well with a jizzy riff or classic Hip Hop beat with L.A. While Shaq Daddy’s hardcore sarcasm and punch lines thread the beats so smoothly to Macky Dave’s loud raspy voice secures hooks on songs, without a bit of complexity to B-rod’s (Broderick) off the wall wordplay and humor.

What’s the catch? Empire X delivers and showcases these skills on every song. Their first mixtape self-titled Empire X was featured on Soul Tools Radio and was highlighted on Insight Newspaper out of Minneapolis saying, “This is a group to watch for in 2015.”

Facebook: www.facebook.com/empirexmusic
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/empire-x-music


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