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Emma Constance is an International Singer, Songwriter, Model, and Aspiring Actress born in small-town Norwich, Norfolk in the United Kingdom. Being from a multicultural background influences her everyday lifestyle and passions, creating a unique fusion and gratitude which is heard in her music and seen in her overall appearance. From the young age of 3, Emma knew what she wanted to be. As time progressed, even today Emma is not a shy performer from the days of rocking out to Elvis with her musical guitar too today believing that dreams can come true. With this, her educational activities and lifestyle was focused on the creative arts, her musical learning however was stunted. This did not stop her from excelling vocally and musically. As an aspiring actress, Emma was exposed to acting classes, giving her the confidence to join the Norwich Theatre Royal. Emma also became a YouTube Partner, where she experiments with videos that show her different talents. Her music videos grow with every upload, from covers to originals. Her musical influences continue to grow to this present day and include legendary artists like Elvis, Queen, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, and Louis Armstrong. Emma believes in her destiny, not just to be international but an inspiration to those who are dreamers. Without any of them, Emma is just a girl with alot of love trying to change the world.

“Music can travel through every dimension, destiny and life, No matter the genre, musicians and influences. Music brings the beauty and emotion that enables us to speak louder than words. It is an eternal escape, the universal language” – Emma Constance

2013: Gospel Music Awards UK/ Africa / Caribbean – Soul + RNB
2014: Shorty Awards Nomination – International Artist
2014: TheRanking.com World Nomination – International Artist #2

Check her out on FaceBook at facebook.com/EmmaConstanceOfficial and her YouTube Channel at youtube.com/LaceEmpireRecords.

Emma Constance – WorldWide ft. Moonbista

Emma Constance – Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You” Cover

Emma Constance – Les Miserables “I Dreamed A Dream” Cover

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