Elsa Van Gale, Writing To Inspire


Elsa Sanchez, Elsa Van Gale, 20 years old, makes music her life. Music has always enlightened her, there isn’t any other thing she’d rather do than to play it. Elsa Van Gale has been writing songs ever since she was a child, but never had the opportunity to play an instrument so young. She just wrote and sung to the music that played in her head. The first time she ever played an instrument was in 5th grade and it was the trombone; and was pretty darn good at it too. The feeling of playing the trombone and performing on stage with the band was what made her realize that this is something she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

Elsa Van Gale got introduced to Rap/Hip-Hop by her older brother who always jammed to Tupac in his room. She fell in love with it. Being bullied in school is another reason why she fell in love with music, she could write about it in her songs and maybe someday it could inspire someone out there going through the same thing. Music is what makes her happy.

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