Elevating Music Group, Equilibrium

EQ Album presentation (sq)

Elevating Music Group was established in 2013 to support independent artists and to build platforms for artists and fans to co-ordinate artistic expressions through community based experience. Due to success in the past few years, EMG has been able to work with artists worldwide. The result is that they now work with some established and upcoming talented artists in the music industry.

Elevating Music Group was founded by Elevatah (Kobe Vloebergh) and later joined by DJ Squigz (Tom Dryden). Both have been producers for over 20 years and worked with hip hop artists across the globe. As they joined forced a new idea came to life, The Equilibrium Series. Equilibrium is a series of albums with an unorthodox approach for the listener in which two producers team up and combine their styles. These aren’t regular albums because of the concept, which is quite simple, but looking deeper it’s intricate and infinite.

Opposites is the theme, like the Ying and the Yang, the good and the bad, the balance; how one interacts with, is affected by and contrasts with the other. This is a showcase of what hip hop is supposed to sound like. The international line-up of established artists will grow and continue in a series of albums by producers and artists from a worldwide perspective holding original elements but reaching to the future for innovation. Equilibrium Vol. 1: Opposing Forces is planned to be released in March 2016.

Official Website: www.elevatingmusicgroup.com
Twitter: @elevatingmusicg
Facebook: @elevatingmusicgroup1
Soundcloud: @elevatingmusicgroup | @theelevatah | @dj-squigz


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