Eclipse, Striving To Remain Outside The Box

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Greggory Covington’s unique blend of “freestyling” and musical prowess illustrates his ability to command an audience and challenge the music industry, as well as overshadow his contemporaries – proof enough why he calls himself Eclipse. His gift of creative, on the spot improvisation, and his innovation in creating fast, tongue-twisting rhymes and smooth lyrics, serves to complement his fresh and distinctive sound. Greggory’s first steps toward realizing his dreams began at age 11 when he and two of his schoolmates began performing together. The group called themselves The New Breed and they secured their place as one of the forefronts of the local youth music scene building a strong fan base amongst their peers and contemporaries.

At 18, Eclipse has seem his music career blossom from its humble beginnings in the Dallas local Hip-Hop scene. Using tools learned through years spent in theatrical arts programs, Eclipse fine-tuned his aptitude for creating rhythmic speed. Heavily influenced by artists such as Twista, Ludacris, and Jay-Z, Eclipse takes his own music to the next level with positive and meaningful lyrics that capture the audience with messages that are completely relatable. Add to that talent for improvising fast tongue-twisting phrases, and adapting his lyrics to complex and unique rhythmic patterns, and you have the making of a star in the next generation in Hip-Hop.

As a role model, Eclipse utilizes his lyrics and his ability to compose and arrange music as a means to communicate with his fan base. He strives to remain outside the collection of cookie-cutter artists in the Rap and Hip-Hop community by writing about his observations and opinions concerning his own experiences. Beyond his talent, Eclipse holds the passion for success within the entertainment industry: seeking to learn, grow, and become an innovator – factors that are illustrative to his devotion to his talent, his self-motivation, and drive for success.


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