Ebzon Tyde, A Creative Collaboration


In the beginning of 2015, songwriters and producers Chris Clark and Jeff Kolhede, Ebzon Tyde, joined forces to crash through musical barriers inventing emotionally driven, pop-infused, electronic music. With Jeff hailing from soul/funk group Balance and the Traveling Sounds and Chris bringing tasteful production and mixing techniques to the table, this creative collaboration has a solid foundation upon which to shape a strong-full sound. As a production team, they’ve managed to compose music for Emmy award winning television shows, film, advertisements, as well as other artists. Together, they are capable of producing a wide range of tracks. Their combined influences bleed through, with everything from Hip-Hop, Pop, and Electronic music to Jazz and R&B.

The three tracks on their debut EP each exude uniqueness that differentiates them from one another showing just how diverse and flexible they are when it comes to throwing their arsenal of talents and experiences into a blender and pressing “On.” Essentially, what they’ve managed to do is write powerful songs with both meaningful lyrics and well-constructed beats and melodies. They’re all contagious, urging you to play it back every time the song is over. The track “Ignite The Walls” is a high-energy roller coaster of sugary pop melodies over a punchy beat. “Find A Way” feels like a fusion of Matt & Kim, MGMT, and a bit of mainstream 90s, all of which create another solid tune. Lastly, their darker track “Dangerous” mixes more electro-dance sounds and heavy synths into an alt-pop melody, with a hip-hop breakdown.

The “Ebzon Tyde” EP, officially out Friday, March 13th, is the first official collection of tracks to be released since their single “Behind The Rays” first appeared on Soundcloud six months ago. Since then, it’s clear that they’ve perfected their craft, as well as their vision for creating a cohesive sound. The duo looks to many more exciting endeavors throughout their musical journey.

Official website: www.ebzontyde.com
Soundcloud link: www.soundcloud.com/ebzon_tyde

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