Eastwood, Beyond Global Entertainment


Eastwood is the newest artist added to the Beyond Global Entertainment roster. Since joining BG, Eastwood has been on Street Hop Radio, HNS radio, 107.5 Detroit Show, and performed live for Boldy James, Mz Platium, and Sony Records A&Rs. Eastwood is from the east side of 7 mile and focused on making billions to give back to his mother, wife, and family. BG owner, Mr Turn It Up, is Eastwood’s cousin and together they have been featured in “Rhythm And Bars” filmed by Jacote Film and shown on Video Shop Detroit Channel 38 WADL and Comcast Channel 68, and featured on Detroit GOT Talent Concert. Eastwood will be featured in movies, on the TV show “313 In Da Heat”, will be a part of the Coast to Coast music tour, and his album will be coming soon. Recently he has started his own group called Rack Boiiz.

Official website: www.beyondglobalonline.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/beyond-global-ent
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/Godsgreatestwork
Facebook: @Derrick Robinson
Twitter: @CosmicRelapse
Instagram: @Beyond_Global

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