E-Man Bates, Wildcard Weekend


E-Man Bates is an up and coming emcee from Canton, MI. He is known around the Detroit area for his high energy, crowd pleasing, performances and by having the ability to cross many genres easily while trying to find his place in the scene. E-Man began writing music at the age of 15 just for fun and at the time he really didn’t think much of it. By the time he turned 19 he decided to pursue a career in the music industry after working with high school friend and fellow NDX team member J reid.

Due to many influences in his music such as Outkast, Kanye West, Nirvana, and Nas he splits off his music into two separate categories. The D.O.R. (Dream Over Reality) side is a style that’s more of an inspirational, lyrical, and poetic type of Hip Hop. Whereas the I.H.R.S. (Ignorant Hood Rat Stuff) is a more party-fun type that you would hear at nightclubs or on the radio.

In 2012 E-Man linked up with a local rock group out of Plymouth, MI named Adelaide and began to perform shows around the state of Michigan. They performed at such venues as Bullfrog Lounge, Plymouth Roc, Woodruff’s, and many more around the area. Currently at the age of 24 E-Man is working on an EP entitled “Wildcard Weekend” and is planning to line up more performance dates the year.

Official website: www.checkthendx.com/emanbates
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/emanwuzhere
Instagram: @ihateemanbates
Twitter: @emanwuzhere


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