Dru, Enough Said

Rude Boy Magazine

Dru is a recording artist that has been a standard bearer for a new and refreshing, integrated sound. During high school was where Dru began his tenure in music, not only studying music, but also developing his own smooth exquisite style. From that point, Dru was able to advance by not only educating himself in the proper way of writing and composing music, but also by working with numerous professionals on their up and coming projects where he was able to enrich his skills and his craft proficiently. When it comes to astonishing sound, new flavor, and a new twist Dru is sure to make heads spin. Thanks to his fans and dedicated followers of his music, Dru will continue to inspire, attract, and leave a mark.

You can check out more music by Dru on his website at www.drunation.com and on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/drunation. Also on YouTube at youtube.com/DruskiiDrutv, and youtube.com/DeclareMusicGroup.

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