Dre Malik, Influential In Atlanta


Dre Malik began his career writing songs with Atlanta super producer Zaytoven. He introduced Zaytoven to Gucci Mane in 2003 during a session at the producer’s studio. He has been influential in Atlanta’s underground music scene as a writer and artist by connecting talented rappers and singers with music opportunities.

Dre Malik has recorded and released three albums to date. “Guap-A-Holic” released in 2010, was an introduction to the talented artist’s vivid wordplay and suave style. “Inferno-Desire Burns,” released in 2011, was a follow up to his clever wordplay and charismatic persona. “Starlights Zone Six Takeover,” released in 2012, gave listeners a good view into his perspective of being a force in the industry. He is currently working on new projects while collaborating with other artists and producers.

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