Draft, On A Path Of Self Realization

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Jeremy Jevon James Monroe, better known as J Mo to his friends and family, but is well known as Draft to those who may know of him in the hip hop community. Born in 1986 on the 20th day of February in New Orleans and raised on the Westbank, music was a big influenced on him and has kept him on a path of finding out more about himself every day.

Draft being the oldest of five was introduced to responsibility pretty early in life having to watch the house while his mother worked her two jobs and graveyard shifts. Shying away from situations were highly unlikely after seeing what his mother was able to accomplish.

When the challenge of proving to himself that he could make it into the music industry, Draft began recording and never looked back. And to think he always thought he was going to be this r&b sensation just to find out he would soon have a passion for hip hop like he would have never thought of. Draft is looking to collab and work with anybody and is ready to expand his brand,

Instagram: @Draft_Muzik
Twitter: @Draft_Muzik
Facebook: @Draft_Muzik
Reverbnation: @Draft_Muzik
Soundcloud: @Draft_Muzik


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