Doug G, The Rising Son


Doug Galiardo, aka Doug G, is an independent hip-hop artist from Huntington, NY. Combining hard hitting old school production with in-depth and clever lyrics, there is no doubt that everybody can relate to this kind of music. He started writing at the age 15 influenced by different types of music like hip-hop, rock, jazz, blues, and R&B – but hip-hop is the one that really stuck. He doesn’t try to pretend to be somebody he’s not. He grew up in a home with a mother who was always supportive of his decisions but was skeptical about a musical career, as was his father who didn’t want to support the musical journey because he felt he was building up hope for nothing. It all has played a part in his distinctive lyrics with discussions about family life and personal thoughts. He is not afraid to pour it all out in the open.

At the age of 18 Doug had already had close to 10 shows under his belt performing at local music venues and bars. Looking to further his experience and taking music more seriously, he attended the Institute of Audio Research in 2009 in Manhattan where he met Jay Bernard and formed a hip-hop group under the name of Madbeast. While in Madbeast, the group released a debut album entitled “Vulture” which you can still find on various websites including Datpiff, opened up for a handful of major artists including Immortal Technique, The Psycho Realm, EPMD, Sean Strange, and recorded a song with Huntington, NY and Viper Records native Diabolic. After going strong on the indie hip-hop circuit in NYC performing at venues such as Gramercy Theater, Webster Hall, and The Delancey they started to lose steam and stopped putting out material due to complicated circumstances amongst the group.

Wanting to work at a faster pace, Doug set out on his own solo adventure looking to create a specific sound for himself. With the help of friend and engineer, Will Harris of Sabella Studios in Roslyn, NY, he has been currently working on his debut album called “The Rising Son” capturing all the aspects of his life experiences, putting it into lyrics, and hoping others will relate to it. Showing raw emotion, raw talent, and the capability to keep up with other artists in this genre, Doug G wants to make a mark and be here to stay with his brand of old school meets new school sound.

Visit Doug G on his Official Facebook Page to learn more about his music.

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