Donovan James, To Touch And Inspire


Donovan James is an artist out of Chicago, Illinois. Growing up in a low-income neighborhood, by the name of Altgeld Gardens, was life for Donovan James. Gang shootouts, dog fights, and poverty in Altgeld Gardens was all that he had ever known. His father abandoned him by the time he was a year old, but that didn’t stop him from growing up to have ambitions and many goals in life.

In his music, Donovan James expresses a large variety of topics such as poverty, politics, bipolar disorder, and bullying. His love for all styles of music is what gives him the versatility to have a wide range of topics in his repertoire. He is also a college student and hopes to get an Associate’s Degree in Music.

Donovan’s main objective is to touch and inspire every aspect of the world. He hopes to motivate people that feel depressed and alone. He also wants the victims of bullying and poverty to know that they are not alone as well and that life is a journey that you have to see all the way through.

Learn more about Donovan James on his Official Bandcamp Page.

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