D’nOMys Heru Is Feeding His Fans What They Crave

This Washington based artist is starting to make listeners ears perk up with a style that’s true to himself. D’nOMys Heru’s talent is quickly developing, and moving forward he’s looking to go from local to global. With each new release, D’nOMys Heru will get closer to reaching his dreams and mass recognition is only suitable after the hard work he’s put in.

The artist from the Urban Vegan Crew finds excitement in feeding the audience new singles, visuals, and projects. D’nOMys Heru is slated to release more visuals off his mixtape Channeled (CDCO&P vol. 2‘ as well as releasing his next mixtape entitled Love Lust & Heartbreaks (CDCO&P vol. 1) along with a collab EP with Tori Dreams entitled Wanderlust Prelude.

Official website: www.herusalem.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/dnomysheru

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