DMD, Dreamland


DMD is a seventeen year old aspiring emcee coming out of Florida who started freestyling at the age of twelve and since has been perfecting his lyrics. After being introduced to the culture of hip hop at a very young age by his older brothers, he brought his massive vocabulary and knowledge of the English language into beats with a distinguishable flow. His hardcore-flexible lyrics can be put into almost any setting musically and appeals to all forms of hip hop.

After releasing his first mix of songs with tracks including “Is This Real,” “Dead Zone,” and “Day By Day,” he set out to finish his first mixtape Dreamland. Expecting to release it within the first three months of 2016, Dreamland revolves around the mysteries of dreaming and consciousness.

If you like lyrical rap with a smooth flow and diverse delivery then check out DMD’s Soundcloud where he keeps all new material posted.

Instagram: @the_specialists
Facebook: @ DMD0sinister mc


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