DJIBY, My Fault


DJIBY is from Senegal and grew up between Kuwait and Canada giving him a totally different perspective on life. Having just turned 21, he likes to believe that he’s far from a hipster and likes to root for the underdog because he’s always been one. One thing he’s sure of is that he believes he can make music that makes you feel some type of way and believes he can get better with every song and that he will be respected as one of the best artists from Ottawa; soon hopefully.

DJIBY likes to let the music speak for itself, less promoting and more quality. “My Fault” is the first song he’s released in a while after taking a little hiatus after his debut mixtape Retrospection released to live life and open up to different ideas. It’s made him a better observer and artist at the same time. “My Fault” is sort of a passive aggressive way to talk about all this.

DJIBY going to release a song every month until the summer. This is first of the series. He doesn’t have a name for it yet as it’s probably going to turn to an EP in the summer. After the hiatus He feel like a totally new artist and is striving to rebrand himself and put it all in the past.

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