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Born February 24, 1990 in Houston, Texas, American disc jockey DJ Blustar started his career in 2009 in Charleston, West Virginia while he was working on his undergraduate degree in sports studies from West Virginia State University. Being from Houston, the nightlife in the small town of Charleston, WV was tremendously different from his previous exposure which in turn made him want to bring something different to the nightlife scene. He started his own entertainment company, New Era Entertainment, and started doing a variety of different events with the first being an official Lloyd, American R&B recording artist, Concert After Party. He started off working campus parties and is now one of the top DJs in the entire state of West Virginia.

His passion for becoming a disc jockey comes from his love for music and entertaining a crowd. In 2012 while on Christmas break his skills were noticed by an up and coming Houston based coalition of disc jockeys called Party Boy DJz. This particular disc jockey coalition, at that time period, was, and still is, home to some of the top disk jockeys in the state of Texas. Being a college student, he was able to diversify his music selection by discovering from his peers different types of music from different places. In 2010, he began to branch outside of the state of West Virginia and began to travel.

After graduating from West Virginia State University in the spring of 2013, he took his talents into a new market. Following an internship offer from the University of Maryland, he relocated to Waldorf, Maryland to work and get his masters degree in sports management from West Virginia University. This opportunity opened a new market for the young disc jockey to become a part of. Currently he is working on starting his own entertainment company and DJ coalition in the DMV area with his manager, Joel Devon, and host, MC Yoda. Aside from that you can catch them throughout the week deejaying in the D.C. metropolitan area.

Twitter: @DJBlustar & @WeLoudNeighbors
Instagram: @DJBlustar & @WeAreLoudNeighbors
Facebook: @Landon Johnson
E-mail: &
Cell: 713-412-0306

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