Dino, Mysterious Entertainment


O. Domino, Dino, is more than just your typical rapper from Louisiana with a bunch of country jargon. He has combined his years of military and music making experience to create a new standard for independent artists. Cleverly, he has also enhanced his marketability by becoming proficient in writing lyrics and artist development while obtaining a BS Degree in Music Production and Business to unmistakably set himself apart from the sleuth of rappers and engineers emerging in today’s market.

As the CEO of the independent record label Mysterious Entertainment, LLC, Dino has successfully negotiated and acquired a label distribution deal through IMF Distribution as well as a publishing a licensing deal with Music Supervisor and has joined forces with P.U.S.H. (Promote Until Something Happens) out of Dallas, TX. The label recently released the debut EP from Minus entitled “The Infamous.”

Dino is currently promoting his singles “Keep It Gutta” featuring the legendary Texas rapper Lil Flip (also featured in The Source Magazine) and “11:59” featuring Princess Tia (daughter of the luminary icon MC Sha Rock) and his artist Marquee. In addition, he recently released the “Southern Riot III” mixtape hosted by DJ Big Redd of Swisha House. Dino has also successfully expanded his brand by adding full video and photography services provided by 2Pug Productions (owned by Tanner Bell). Music fans can expect this artist and his label to continue enhancing its reputation by delivering even better products than works past.

Official website: www.mysteriousent.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MysteriousEntLLC
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Mysterious_Ent
Instagram: www.instagram.com/MysteriousEntLLC
Wistia: mysteriousent.wistia.com/medias/o96p51ia0g
Contact: info@mysteriousent.com

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