Dimple Delivery, A Fresh New Take On Old Classics And Hits


Dimple Delivery is an up-and-coming Nigerian-Canadian producer based out of Ottawa, Canada. He specializes in creating fresh new takes on old classics or popular hits and has been producing since 2007. He has made music that spans across several genres such as hip hop, contemporary r&b, jazz-fusion ,and pop that caters to a wide audience of audiophiles.

Dimple Delivery’s music creation weapons are FL Studio 12, NI Maschine, an Oxygen 25 midi keyboard, and 6″ KRK Rokit studio monitors to achieve the perfect sound. Check out some of his work across his social media sites mentioned below and do not forget to listen, share and enjoy.

But before we close this one out his latest release on Soundcloud is the track “Savage” that was released in January of 2016. The track offers a progression that’s inspired by the early days of trance to an ending that’s reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails. As a treat, Dimple Delivery also has a playlist of Ellie Goulding remixes that are sure to please.

Facebook: dimpledelivery
Instagram: @dimpledelivery
Twitter: @dimpledelivery
Snapchat: dimpledelivery
Email: dimpledelivery@gmail.com


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