Dimi Dez, Unpredictable Rhymes

4-13-15 Monday (3-6)

Hip Hop and R&B artist/songwriter/aspiring fashion designer Dimi Dez is one to be aware of and without a doubt a divergent individual. With unpredictable new rhymes and lingering lyrics along with his creative original style he easily stands out from the rest. Born and raised in Boston, MA, Dimi always had a thing for music but never really embraced it until he turned 15. He spent countless hours working on his lyrical ability while shaping his own original style. Those who influenced him to really get into music were Eminem, 50 Cent, and 2pac; those who helped shape his style were Kanye West and Lil Wayne. When it comes to fashion, Dimi is clearly above all and is inspired by himself; always trying to out dress himself.

So far Dimi has released two mixtapes. His first titled “Was, Am, & Comin” was released in December 2012 and basically displayed his lyrical ability. His second mixtape titled “W.O.R.D. (What Others Rarely Do),” was released January 2014, had a bit more meaning added to it rather than just lyrics.

Right now Dimi is working on his third solo mixtape titled “You’ll Only Find Out When It’s To Late To Be Friends” which for the moment doesn’t have a release date. After a year and a half of maturing this project it’s set to have more substance instead of just showcasing the lyricism and plans to incorporate his R&B style into his music.

Official website: dimidez.wix.com/dimidez
Instagram: @Mr.EverSoStylish

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