Dima Kash, From Russia to the Midwest of the US

dima kash

Dima Kash is a Russian born rapper, songwriter, artist, and studio owner who immigrated to the USA at an early age. Growing up with old fashioned Russian parents, he had to learn how to earn everything on his own. Always getting in trouble and dealing with issues in and outside of school, the home, and life altogether, music became Dima Kash’s getaway. He turned his getaway into a hobby as he started to write songs, mostly love songs, and at 16 he started recording. His style switched up since he first began writing and hip-hop/rap become more of an interest. With a lot of mistakes being made throughout his life and his early music stage, all he could do is learn from it and improve.

He got out of boot camp, got his own place at the age of 17, and started working 72 hours a week while also recording his music. In the midst of a hectic lifestyle, a few years later he was blessed with having a son, Vlad .That is when his life changed and he realized that he needed to become the best man a father can be for his son. With hard work and dedication he finally quit his job and started a business by the name of World Class Entertainment. He started pursuing what he truly loved, music. He got his own professional studio and focused on his music full time.

With every song this young man records he gets better. Hoping to make an impact, he is striving for success and nothing less. He has been on a national tour with Grammy Award winner Layzie Bone and has has opened up for numerous national acts. Be on watch because at this rate, with the work ethic and motivation that he has, Dima Kash will be a household name in no time..

Official website: www.DimaKashMusic.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/dima-kash

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