Digital Phonyx, Revitalizing My Hometown’s Music Scene


Digital Phonyx is a music producer/songwriter from sunny California’s central valley in Sanger, a town just southeast of Fresno, who started off as a producer making beats for local acts and collaborating with other artists. The first time Digital Phonyx got into recording was the day that changed his life. He discovered something he really enjoyed and ended up loving. His most notable accomplishments were headlining at a local show in his home town.

Digital Phonyx runs a small music collective known as Growth Music. It is a place where people who love the art of music can come by and record music. The communal setting also helps keep kids out of situations where they wouldn’t be had someone giving them a chance to make music and follow their dreams to help them grow as artists and people. As of late Digital Phonyx is focused on changing the music scene in his hometown to give the people without a voice a chance to be heard.

Digital Phonyx is working on an instrumental EP called The X-Files along with some original songs and new music. He is also working with an artist friend he grew up with named Blkxs Sol. Their collaborative project called V.H.S. will be released through their music group Growth Music. Along with a string of music videos they will release a short film to go along with the music project called Visually Hearing Sounds. Their goals for 2016 is to open a music shop along with their own performance hall to do shows for their community and music lovers alike.

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