DH, Restoring Authenticity


DH is an up and coming hip hop artist from Nashville, TN whose timeless delivery and contagious wordplay merge together in emotion filled songs to convey blessings, lessons, and relatable life experiences. He often refers to his music as “a breath of fresh air” in a time where fabricated tales run rampant in a formerly authentic hip hop industry.

DH has performed in front of thousands of music lovers across the country, from the South x Southwest music festival in Austin, TX to the A3C music festival in Atlanta, GA, and many different venues and atmospheres in between.

DH is a member of the urban conglomerate Star Status Kings which consists of many young moguls in the urban Nashville community. They goal is to spread the essence of royalty as one’s self-perception to any and every one willing to listen; not to mention his music is just dope. Follow his journey to restore authenticity to the culture on all social media sites at @SSK_DH.

Official website: www.SSKent.com
Soundcloud: @SSK_DH


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