Deviance, The Drz King


Mark-Ashley Garland (born April 24, 1987), known by his stage name Deviance, is a Hip Hop artist born and raised in Miami, Florida and now currently living in Hampton, Virginia. Some of his early music influences didn’t come into play until sixth grade since his mother was very protective and of a Christian-based religion he wasn’t allowed to listen to any other music outside of Gospel and old school. Once he was able to he mostly gravitated to Ludacris, DMX, Trick Daddy, and Uncle Luke amongst others. Deviance was constantly surrounded by music growing up. With his mother’s involvement in the choir she taught him the differences between notes, how to play the piano, and the importance of rehearsing before a performance.

Music didn’t become a major factor in his life until his first heartbreak and beforehand relying on writing poetry as an outlet. This milestone in his life would launch him into a series of defining moments of realization and understanding that becoming a music artist would shift from a hobby to a career. Since that turning point of December 2007, Deviance released his first mixtape titled “K.E.M. Forever The Mixtape” hosted by Norfolk, Virginia native DJ Problem on the day of his birthday, April 24, 2014. After that he released an EP titled “The Fall EP” on November 30, 2014 and has received amazing feedback for both projects.

Currently Deviance released his latest project titled “The Drz King” on May 25, 2015 which shares the same day of his only son’s birthday. “The Drz King” is available in digital and physical copies along with a limited edition of the CD that comes with a few bonuses.

Official website:
Twitter: @therealdeviance
Instagram: @kemforever

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