Dev Dapree, We Can All Be Great


Dev Dapree was born in Florida and moved to Washington, DC at the age of eight. She was quickly attracted to the go-go music she commonly heard and learned to incorporate its style with her southern roots that were made by soul. Dev always had a love for the hip-hop genre and used poetry as a way to express herself, usually reciting that line in a way similar to a rap verse.

Dev Dapree began her study of music at Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts where she saw her craft from a different perception. Her curiosity grew as she learned that music itself was its own language and broad in style. Dev began recording in high school singing and then elevated that talent to rapping in 2008. Her talent opened doors within her school to produce programs and shows, while being able to open for many acts.

Dev Dapree loves music but has a deep relationship with hip-hop. She loves witty lyrics and phrases that cause the mind to think. Dev loves beats full of soul and life and creating songs that tell a story that cannot be easily forgotten. She speaks for the young and the old, and wants to leave behind a message that we all can be great despite the circumstance given.

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