Deuce Ellis, Nothing is Sacred


‘Nothing is Sacred’ can make your mind wander, all the while wondering why Deuce Ellis has not become worldwide common knowledge. On Friday the 13th, February, anyone with an eardrum will want to be found scrolling through the seven track titles so they can name which one is there favorite of the ‘Nothing is Sacred’ EP.

Deuce Ellis, a Brooklyn, New York native, has been on the Underground Hip Hop scene for some time now with on point delivery and beat riding talent. As a traveling artist, his talent was noticeable then and after following his growth through the Underground Hip Hop world via Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Great musical production by DJ Mario Bee, Evil Science, LcSlak, Lo Double T, and Te’Amir combined with his own artistic voice and strange approach, The Cult will keep you captured beginning to end. As an artist, Deuce Ellis has been standing by his own agenda of pleasure and free living, there are no restraints needed when rollin’ with Deuce Ellis and the Cult. The album titled ‘Nothing is Sacred‘ is more of a creed to live by as guilty pleasures of sound and lyrics connect Ellis to his fans.

Admission of guilt and awareness of your own desires is synonymous to the Head and the Heart. In this album each track signifies various explanations of the Cult and what it feeds off of. Feeling guilty doesn’t necessarily mean you should feel wrong for what you do, think, or feel. Deuce represents the judged, the classed, and the survival of sinners in a world of criticizing minds and thoughts. All seven tracks push the envelope by wanting you to “Tell Your Children” that “Nothing is Sacred” in regards to sex, drugs, and society’s labeling of what they’re too afraid to try. If you’re not familiar with Deuce Ellis’ style, it’s unique and entertaining. It is quite clear that you will not be bored with this album so lets take a look at each track!

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