Detoxx, Hood Ratz


Detoxx was born 14, October 1993 in Rome, Italy and at the age of 11 bought his first rap album, Encore, by Eminem and from then on it’s been a never ending story with the art of hip hop and rap. By the age of 13 he was performing on little stages at school or for parties and writing his first lyrics. At the age of 15 he and couple of friends formed a band named Sick ‘N’ Tone which was later to become Diamond High.

With this group Detoxx started experimenting with new flows and styles of rapping as his lyrics progressed. By 2013 he was signed by a local Italian label based in Turin, Italy. He debuted with his first EP, Decoded, which had a small degree of success in the Italian hip hop class. However, Trumen Records Company had a very hard time promoting and distributing an international product in a very national environment.

This lead to an early termination of his contract and Detoxx looked to make a name for himself in the international hip hop market. On October 2015 he released an independent project known as Hood Ratz EP. He has recently concluded the video for the main track on the EP, “Hood Ratz,” produced by Sol Green.

Soundcloud: @detoxx_official



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