Deon Wilson, Prime Music Entertainment

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Deon Wilson is determined to touch the sky a few times in his life, but his journey through music hasn’t been easy. He’s performed, written countless songs, and made progress along the way and he’s using the gift that God gave him to express himself. Growing up in Colorado Deon’s genre hasn’t been the most popular and that forced him to work twice as hard to achieve his dream and solidify his passion. For accolades he’s been a nominee at the Underground Music Awards NYC, has performed at the world-famous Apollo Theater five times, has shared the stage with many top artists in the music game today, and has been featured on several national mixtapes.

Deon assembled a team and Prime Music Entertainment (PME Clique) with the help of his manager and business partner, Rashaad Gaillard. The first official mixtape, scoring high reviews, to drop was “Through My Eyes” in June 2012 and followed by his debut album “New Kid” in 2013. His music evolution will be heard and felt in “Naked” which is set for release  2015. “Miss Trouble,” a single off his latest, is already released along with a music video and is available on iTunes, Google Music, Amazon and Spotify. Join the PME Clique, please support the music, and follow me for your grand tour into the music world from my shoes

Learn more about Deon Wilson on his Official Artist Website.

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