Denzel Spencer, Capturing The Passion


Denzel Spencer, born on August 29, 1992, is an alternative Hip-Hop artist and producer that blends storytelling, quotable lyrics, hypnotizing instrumentals, and an over the top presentation; all of which when expressed creates a distinct genre of music. Denzel was the oldest child to Denise Spencer and one of many to Larry Carson. Denzel did not have a normal upbringing. He studied the flute, piano, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, and even practiced singing and writing with his aunt Susan Spencer. At the age of four Denzel was a phenomenal singer in the Calvary Baptist Church Choir in Plainfield, NJ. Remaining close to God in the streets of Plainfield was healthy for Denzel’s growth as a man.

Raised on 90’s R&B artists (Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, Dru Hill, Lauryn Hill, The Fugees, and SWV), a softer side of rap came easier to him. He discovered he could write songs that would tell females how to fix their problems. He began writing love songs from stories girls would tell him. His first love song written entitled “So Much More” was about what he looked for in a female. Slowly but surely, females picked up on it and began using his music for advice. This being one of his achievements at the age of fourteen seemed as if it was sure stardom. He soon began making more listenable and professional sounding songs.

Denzel’s sound and style has often been compared to that of Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and Andre 3000. His music maintains and captures the passion of each lyric and instrumental to invoke thought, love, and inspiration on the developing culture. Denzel used his skills to increase his rapping content and his song content to an ability that he and many others believe to be industry ready. In 2012 Denzel, never one to stay in a specific profession, began to break out into video directing and editing shooting videos for local artists.

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