Deebo Díoso, L.I.T.


Born and raised in the Afro-Rican culture of El Barrio, Deebo Dioso (formally known as Deebo) fell in love with the goddess his urban community knows as hip hop. With classic records of Big Pun and Common as his inspiration, and the mentorship of his then-incarcerated brother as his motivation, Deebo strives to become a legend of his time as an emcee to revolutionize the world through his iconic lyricism.

Today Deebo Díoso seems to be just one stop away from hitting the stations. Blessing stages with Hopsin, Fred Da Godson, Immortal Technique, Chris Rivers, and Rebel Diaz, he recently hit his 12 year anniversary since he wrote his first verse. From the era of classically syncopated twins of 90s boom bap to the rugged triplets of new age trap, his versatility is proven when old heads and millennials bob their heads alike to his tastes of both old school and new school.

Deebo has proclaimed to be the voice of the people and for the people to be both relatable and inspirational. All what’s he has to offer is in his latest project title L.I.T. Boasting 5 superb tracks, including the 1K+ played “Trust” on Soundcloud, the project is sure to provide your ear buds with tunes you’ll want to replay instantly. The project is available as a free download on Bandcamp.

Official website:
Facebook: @deebodioso
Twitter/youtube/instagram: @officialdeebo
Soundcloud: @officialdeebo

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