Debbita, Encouraged To Share

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Debbita, meaning “little Debbie” in Spanish, was Debbie Bledsoe’s nickname growing up. Born half Puerto Rican (mother) and half American/English (father), Debbie Bledsoe is a singer/songwriter, actress, and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Raised in Reno, Nevada, Debbie remembers singing before even talking. Her father listened to everything from jazz to classic rock to salsa, while her mother became a fan of country music. The family spent many winters and summers in Puerto Rico where Debbie felt the most musical inspiration. It’s where one of her uncles taught her how to play guitar, where she wrote her first song, and where she heard tales of her second cousins touring the world (three original members of the internationally famous boy band Menudo).

Back in Reno, Bledsoe graduated with a BA in journalism and minor in theater from the University of Nevada (Reno). She was in a rock band and performed in musical theater before working in television news as a producer and reporter. Whether singing in a band or performing in musicals, Debbie constantly wrote songs and worked with vocal coaches to improve her skills. After writing 30-40 songs, she started recording and producing them herself for fun. She then began collaborating independently with producers she liked and started recording and producing her own songs furthering the hobby. Friends have encouraged her to share that music and this is just the beginning.

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