Deadman, The Cali Reallionaire Rida

Rude Boy Magazine

Deadman {Cali Reallionaire Rida} is from the West Coast, born and raised in the Golden State of California. In a year & and a half has has written, recorded, and also mixed and mastered over 350+ songs with no prior experience on how to record or run a music program. He had never even, wrote music or heard his voice on a mic until March of 2013, and he’s accomplishing all this with no studio, no booth, and no big money equipment, just a simple laptop and old usb microphone. Through his music you’ll see things he has seen, share in his hopes and dreams, share his pain and misery, and experience that West Coast Cali Reallionaire Rida lifestyle and sound. Enjoy his first solo album “Come HELL or HIGH Water,” available now.

You can download “Come HELL or HIGH Water” online at Check out more of his music on SoundCloud at

Deadman – THAT

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