Deacon, A True Performer


It is music in itself that connects one person to another, but it is the smooth soft ballad of R&B that entices the hearing of any individual because it can represent anything. Who can embody that meaning than none other than new R&B sensation Deacon Jackson. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he has presented a sound that can be compared to no other. His unforgettable sound and powerful message was derived from singing in the church choir since the age four.

From the beginning, music has been Deacon’s outlet as well as his passion and he has taken every opportunity necessary to share his gift with the world. His mother and confidante was a singer at his local church and constantly filled the household with music that lifted his spirit. From then on, Deacon has become a true performer that can connect with an audience with nothing but his voice and hold their attention until the lights go off.

Twitter: @Deaconll
YouTube: @Deaconll42
Instagram: @Deacon_Struction

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