Daze, Aiming To Make A Connection


Born in Newark, NJ, December of ’89, Daze’s parents worked hard for sister and himself to grow up in better living conditions than they did. Though they lived in the hood, they lived pretty well; Daze was able to go to Egypt 3 different times. As a kid he spent a lot of time watching cartoons and playing outside. Daze was only able to listen to music when he was with his dad, so he’d confiscate his cd player every time he was over. Daze would even sleep with the radio under his pillow so mom wouldn’t hear it throughout the night. It was captivating regardless of genre.

Music became an outlet for Daze, especially Hip Hop, at 13 after an argument with his step-dad. He started writing his anger out and the love of the craft followed. At 15 Daze learned how to produce beats and has been making songs and mixtapes ever since. He’s versatile with what he makes songs about. Daze can write about anything but prefers to write about life, whether it’s his or someone else. He aims to create a connection between his music and the listener spreading positive vibes through the world.

Official website: dazekid.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/dazekid
Instagram: @dazekid
Twitter: @DazeKid1908. -_+

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